Irregular Can Body Assembly Line

Irregular Can Body Assembly Line

Our Irregular Can Body Assembly Line (METBODYPACKER) is forming and assembling can bodies by performing different operations such as expanding, paneling, necking, flanging, seaming, etc. in one machine.

• Compact machine
• Modular system for variable tin cans production such as open top/two side seamed cans, straight/conical and other operations possible upon request
• 15” touchscreen, easy to operate
• Industry 4.0 compatible
• Completely automatic height adjustment with servo drives

Optional stations

Additional stations for different operations can be designed and added to our METBODYPACKER upon request:

• Second welding line indexing
• Conical shaping head
• Expanding from four corners
• Automatic expanding adjustment
• Corner embossing
• Paneling (embossing) internal/external
• Automatic embossing depth adjustment
• Inside or outside necking
• Lid feeding conveyor system

MP-BA401 MP-BA405 MP-BA407
Production capacity 80 cans per minute 60 cans per minute 50 cans per minute
Minimum size 40 x 60 mm 80 x120 mm 130 x190 mm
Maximum size 80 x 120 mm 130 x 190 mm 235 x 235 mm
Height Range 50 - 200 mm 100 - 350 mm 150 - 400 mm


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Body Assembly Line

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