MP-CL410 Curling and Lining Machine for Irregular Ends

MP-CL401  Curling and Lining Machine for Irregular Ends (IRREGULAR CURLINER)

In Curling and Lining Machine, irregular ends’ pre-curling and final curling operations are done with die. Moreover, sealing compound lining is performed by nozzle or showerhead system.

  • Compact and robust machine
  • Powerful industrial PC
  • Display for easy setting, safety control
  • Central lubrication system


  • Single nozzle liner or Showerhead liner
  • Die curling in single head or double head
  • Synchronized vertical type compound drying oven
  • Vision control system
  • End Stacker
MP-CL401 MP-CL405 MP-CL407
Production capacity Up to 120 ends/minute Up to 120 ends/minute Up to 100 ends/minute
Minimum size 40 x 60 mm 80 x 120 mm 130 x 190 mm
Maximum size 80 x 120 mm 130 x 190 mm 235 x 235 mm


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MP-CV401 Irregular Curlliner