MP-SF100 Strip Feed Press

MP-SF100 Strip Feed Press

Strip feed press is with servo strip positioning for stamping ends, components, rings, closures, caps, drawn cans, etc.

  • Cast-iron C-frame, inclination 60°
  • Long and 6 surface ram guidance
  • Pneumatic clutch and brake system
  • Hydraulic (optional Mechanical) overload safety device
  • Continuous operation without stop for strip loading
  • Servo linear axis for strip pushing to feed fingers
  • Servo drive finger is feeding the strip under the die
  • Stamping position (skeleton) can be easily set by touchscreen
  • Max. strip length 1040 mm 
MP-SF104 MP-SF105 MP-SF125 MP-SF106
Press capacity 40 Tons 50 Tons 50 Tons 60 Tons
Die type Single Die Single Die Double Die Single Die
Number of cycle/min. Up to 150 Up to 150 Up to 150 Up to 80
Min. Tool cut 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm
Max. Tool cut 200 mm 240 mm 140 mm 240 mm
Total Power 5.5 kW 7 kW 9 kW 9 kW


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Strip Feed Press