MP-AT200 Can Vacuum Tester Machine

METPACKER Can Air Tester

MP-AT200 Can Vacuum Tester Machine

Tin Can Vacuum Tester Machine is a system for vacuum testing of Round Cans, Irregular Cans or Conical Pails.

Key features:
• Rotary (Carousel) type vacuum tester
• Testing by vacuum pressure decay method
• Touch screen with user friendly interface, easy to operate
• Determining of defective cans (micro holes, dented flanges, cracked flanges, cracked welds, etc.)
• Each testing head has its own special pressure transmitter and vacuum valve
• Can height can be easily changed from HMI
• Different diameters are possible by only changing entrance and exit stars
• Quick tool change

MP-AT200 MP-AT400 MP-AT300
Can Shape Round Cans/Conical Pails Irregular Cans Round/Irregular Cans
Type Rotary (Carousel) Rotary (Carousel) Straight Configuration
Production Capacity Up to 400 cpm* Up to 150 cpm* Up to 50 cpm*
Number of heads 12-16-24-32-36-40* 12-16-24-32-36* 3-5-8-10-12*
Can Size Diam. 70 to 310 mm Diagonal 70 - 260 mm Diam. 70 to 310 mm/Diag. 70 - 260 mm
*Depends on can size


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